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- What's your latest news?

M: Moi dix Mois performed with a new member for the first time on December 15th. We ordered ESP a new guitar for that concert. That guitar is more like Mana custom-made converted AX of ESP, rather than Mana model. The pickup was changed, the tone was removed, and made it one-volume style. Slightly resembles my favorite warlock guitar. The edgy shape creates a hard image, so this is a kind of my pet guitar at the moment. Since the body is heavier, it produces deep and bold sound.

- I've heard you've immersed yourself in something other than guitar.

M: Yes, that's a yogurt drink by Nippon Luna. (Chuckles) I always like Indian dishes, especially lassi. That means yogurt drink. So I tried a variety of yogurt drinks. That has been on sale lately at convenience stores, and it tastes too delicious, so I have to tell everyone! (Laughter) Anything I love always disappears rapidly from the market. If you observe the yogurt drink market, some B yogurt is pompously displayed everywhere. Still, other yogurt drinks are fighting underneath. Unfortunately, they get buried under big B and fade away from the market one by one. I know the current situation, but I don't want this Nippon Luna to pull out. For this reason, I wish everyone recognized that delicacy.

- You mean the purchasing movement among the members is essential.

M: Yes. Please buy it to demonstrate its popularity. My message is don't get easily influenced by the majority, but try something new all the time. So, I want you to compare it with B yogurt. This is a yogurt challenge, yogurt tasting challenge! (Laughter)  

- ?? (Giggles) All right, please check it out and send your impressions.

Strictly Confidential Document - Mana With K Interview

- Today, I would like to introduce K, a new guitarist and a vocalist of Moi dix Mois, and I also ask how he met Mana among various other things.

M: Actually, I met him a couple years ago. I was told he could handle computer graphics, so I asked him to make composite images for Moi-meme-Moitie.
K: What a shocking confession!
M: But that was all, and we had no contact since then.
K: I was simply hushed up. (Embarrassed smile)
M: Our bands didn't keep up a closer acquaintance, so we hadn't heard of each other for a few years. Ah! But last year, I went to Hiroshima for the meeting to open a Moi-meme-Moitie shop. While I had a break at a cafe, I found a tall guy walking down the street.
K: I was witnessed walking along the shopping mall. (Laughter)
M: I was on the second floor but said nothing, so you didn't notice, did you?
K: That's right.
M: I watched him from upstairs, in fact. (Giggles)

- Then, by what chance did you two meet again?

K: Somehow, our reunion was the destiny. M: I was looking for a powerful guitarist. Then, I suddenly remembered him. About the time I called him, his group announced the disbandment. K: So, I crept out from darkness to another darkness. (Chuckles) M: When I spoke with him, I'd found he also likes Heavy Metal. K: I love it!! M: There was a condition the new guitarist must be "a Heavy Metal lover." We didn't talk about it last time, but when we met again I'd learnt he likes Heavy Metal, and I thought "Oh! He's our man." And we talked "Fancy guitars go well with Heavy Metal." When I asked what kind of guitar he was playing, he did not have anything fancy. But, at the tuning session few days later, he suddenly showed up like "I bought this guitar for Moi dix Mois." (Chuckles) K: Action speaks louder. (Laughter) M: That's it. I found him to be such a go-getter. K: Besides, I bought a really funny-shaped guitar. A wriggling one. M: Our band uses two guitars to harmonize during recording sessions, and I always wanted to recreate the sound at our gigs as well. Even if I wanted someone with totally different characters to me, I could not easily find such a man. So it was great to get together this time.
- K, you are going to be a new Moi dix Mois member. What do you feel about that?

K: Very grateful to take part as a guitarist. What's more, we have much in common with music and principles.
M: Hm-hum.

- Mon Amour members may be keen to know about K, so I'm going to ask some personal questions. You said you love Heavy Metal, and what are your favorite bands?

K: I usually listen to Rock, and heavy one like Skip Knot. And I listen to Korn and Limp Bizkit these days. I was influenced by METALLICA, MEGADETH, Iron Maiden, and SLAYER that Mana also likes. I sensuously like heavy and massive sound such as Rob Zombie.  
M: I suppose visual band members of today seldom listen to western tunes, but I can see eye to eye with people listening to these songs. So we get along very well.  
K: Ha ha ha. Thanks a lot. (Laughter)

- What about your favorite films?

K: I love weird ones like "Child's Play" with Chucky. I've got three Chucky dolls at home. Large, medium, and small. They sometimes go around. (Chuckles) Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses" is another one of my favorites. It's just a B movie, but I like its bizarre style. When it comes to classics, I love freaky ones such as "Clockwork Orange." I also enjoy Hollywood superheroes like "Spider-Man."

- You watch something like that too!

K: I adore them. It may sound contradictory though...

- Mana, how about superheroes?

M: I loved them as a kid, so I watched tokusatsu (Japanese sci-fi live action) programs. K: I was keen on super-alloy robots. M: I collected them. K: So did I. I used to have Golion. M: I still have Combattler V and Voltus Five. It may sound geeky. (Chuckles)
- You two seem to share geeky interests.

K: Moreover, we love videogames.
M: That's a high point. No game lover is a crook. It's my philosophy.
K: (Giggles) I've got to buy PSP for the upcoming tour.
M: How many game machines have you owned?
K: I got Family Computer around the third grade of elementary school, and after PC8801, I settled down to PC Engine. There was Last Armageddon game for PC8801, and I was devoted to it.
M: Quite dark world, wasn't it.
K: I've always chosen something like it from a young age. So I rather prefer villains in the superhero films too. One reason is my features resemble Ma Junior in the Dragon Ball. (Laughter)
M: I wonder why you shifted from Family Computer to PC Engine. I liked PC Engine too, but it was somewhat minor-league. Although Family Computer boasted as a home game arcade, many features were excluded due to the limited memory capacity. But I was impressed by the way PC Engine recreated the arcade, so I entered the PC Engine league.
K: So did I. PC Engine was more expressive.
M: Do you know Necromancer? I was moved when I saw the TV spots. Family Computer had strict regulations so could not express blood, but Necromancer bled copiously by sword cuts. I felt like "That's for me!"
K: Absolutely. At that time, I loved shooting games, especially Kyukyoku Tiger.
M: I loved it too.
K: Awfully exciting, wasn't it? The helicopter beats enemies, dodging bullets, and I studied the game by videotaping it.  
M: Hail of bullets. (Giggles) Its charm is how to dodge splendidly.
K: Also turned to Super Family Computer. I just wanted to play Dragon Quest though. Since then, devoted myself to Play Station.
M: Didn't you touch Mega Dragon, PC Engine CD Rom Rom or Super Grax?
K: Actually I went to a prep school, so had no time for videogames.
M: Oh, I see. (Laughter)
K: So after finishing the high school, I caught up with Play Station, Play Station 2, Sega Saturn Dreamcast, and Game Cube on the rebound.
M: What was your first Super Family Computer game?
K: I was a late starter.
M: I usually buy a new game machine right after its release. Super Family Computer had functions to zoom and zoom out, and the graphics were thoroughly impressive. I played Akumajo Dracula and Makaimura.
K: Ah! My favorites too. I especially plunged Akumajo Dracula of Play Station.  
M: Ridge Racer was my Play Station debut, and I can't forget the thrill. I was utterly mesmerized and wept, "How it's possible to play such a beautiful game at home!!"
K: I was a devotee of Grand Tourismo. It was fun to remodel the car's tires, suspension, or engine. I made it exactly the same as my own car. (Extremely nerdy game discourse continued, so the rest is cut out)

- You two have a flourishing discussion on videogames. (Chuckles)

K: It's blooming.
M: I'm a would-be game critic. I used to contribute columns to a game magazine. Did you know that?
K: Well, I've heard of it.
M: I had a series for a game magazine "Jugemu". So let me handle any game topic.
K: Come to think of it, the encounter with Mana may go back to Family Computer online service...
M: Certainly, the roots could be videogames. Our bond is Family Computer communication, in a way.

- Is that true! So what about your pastimes other than games?

K: Perhaps driving. Drive along the coast all alone, and sob...

- Do you really? (Giggles) What is the BGM for that occasion, by the way?

K: Needless to say, Slip Knot at any time. (Chuckles) And once in a while the Southern All Stars. I listen to anything broadly from jazz, Heavy Metal to Death Metal. I used to drive a fast and noisy car, and I started engine without regard to the neighbors. I no longer drive it though.
M: Are you a speed demon?
K: Yes, more like it.

- How come did you start playing the guitar?

K: I played in a copycat band of the Seikimatsu as a starter.
M: Did you play the song "Roningyo no Yakata."
K: Sure, I did! I can still remember the intro.
M: To tell you the truth, I can play it too. (Laughter)
K: Then I started listening to western hits and tended to heavy ones. First of all I played as a joke, but gradually took it seriously...and I still play them.

- You will also sing for MdM, won't you?

M: I was told he could shout, so I suggested. And he roared fairly well. K: I love shouting!
- K is now a shouting man, but how was your childhood?

K: Very delicate.

- Are you kidding!?

K: No, it's true. I was on sick leave for a third of my elementary school. But, I stay healthy since middle school. I was the tallest from childhood, even at kindergarten. (Laughter)
M: Gee. And how do you analyze yourself?
K: Since I'm the first blood B type to MdM, you'll be puzzled a bit. I'm an optimist basically, and I carry out my words right. And a lone wolf. According to Animal Fortunetelling, my character is wolf too. People often point out I don't seem B type. When I absorb something, I completely give myself over to it. I joined MdM this time and I've always liked Mana's world, so I hope to create something better as a new element.
M: Although the guitar ensemble was a bit weak at our concerts, two guitars can create deeper sound. Three guitarists will play on December 15th, and we are going to express more authentic rock 'n' roll sound in the future. We have relied a lot on synthesizers, but the guitar part will be raised more.
K: What am I going to do as K of MdM.
M: Go wild!!
K: I will shout in a more avant-garde and aggressive new style!

- Did I bring out K's nature a little? Finally, could you give a word for Mon Amour members?

K: I'll do my best for entertaining gigs, so come and beat me!
Interview on December 3, 2004


Juka's Jukai (Ocean of Trees) Level.7

2004- Appallingly Fast Passage of Time- 2005
2004 was a year of CD releases. I've already reported about the recording sessions, so I'm going to let you know about my recollections of this year.

New Year
Since I no longer receive pocket money during the New Year holiday, I've lost interest in it. Nevertheless, I had great a time.
I spent 20 days in my hometown, and found myself enjoying bass fishing in the backcountry for 15 days.,br> I've no idea what drives me to fishing so maniacally...,br> I naturally didn't want to return to Tokyo.
But, I came back after all...

"In the warm light of spring, cherry buds are beginning to swell" as they say, but people seldom feel the turning of the seasons in the urban areas.
Especially this year, I didn't detect the transition. My severe hay fever reminds me of the coming of spring every year. Thanks to the less pollen dispersal of last spring, it ended without much trouble.
On the other hand, the coming summer was burning hot.

My fantasy is wild and passionate romance under the heating sun.
Yet, only temperatures rose to record-high levels.
One day, I went to a fireworks show for the first time in Tokyo! At Odaiba!
I wore traditional kimono for the occasion, and it might have suited too perfectly. My friends called me "a farmer from the Edo period."
I was a complete misfit in modern Tokyo.
On that day, however, I found a tribe of girls as eccentric as myself.
They wore Gothic & Lolita outfits and seemed as though they'd been transported from medieval Europe. I presumed "you are my kind."
The fireworks as such were too far away and unimpressive. Disappointed...

I visited a historical garden to view autumnal leaves.
I wished to sense autumn. Gigantic trees with flamboyant blazing leaves. The huge glowing leaves waving in the wind.
When I saw the fuming trees with my own eyes, I'd been struck by the marvels of nature.
On the instant, I felt people could never beat the works of God, and I was frightened.
Disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes rigorously hit around the world in 2004.
The memories of the damage made me feel that way.
After that I couldn't stop myself from making a donation to the Doraemon Fund for the devastated areas.

The most unforgettable event of 2004! I cherish it.
I wish all of you would remember it too. That wonderful moment will never come back again. However, please forget the Yoon Juka-sama stunt.
I wonder how I'm going to spend the rest of this year...
Oh, Christmas Day is approaching...
That event hardly enthralls me.

I'm not Kazuko Hosoki, the fortuneteller, so I don't know what happens next.
Still, I'd like to make 2005 a certain turning point for both MdM and myself.
With fresh determination...

2004 Dec.

Kazuno's Zuno (Brain)
No.8 - Year End Review by Zuno
It's getting awfully cold these days. Wow, it's already December!
Time runs out, too fast.
2004 is coming to an end in the twinkle of an eye.
When looking back, the band did a lot of recording sessions, day in, day out.
New pieces of equipment were introduced for the recordings to create a new style of music. We've certainly gotten better through the sessions.
At the first fan club event, we played games together to celebrate Mana's birthday. We can't have such a joyful moment at the usual gigs.
(As I recall, no one answered the pigeon question correctly.) Did you thoroughly enjoy the final event of 2004?
I wish we would hold many concerts next year to spend more time with you. Yes! Let's shout together.


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