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An In-depth Interview with Mana by Mademoiselle L France Travelogue (Part 2 of 2)

Following the last edition, we would like to continue our talk of Mana-sama's exquisite French experience. First of all, please tell us all about the filming that took place, as that was the second purpose of your trip to France.

M: The location we had our hearts on for the first day of shooting was at a remote town outside of Paris, about a two hours car ride. Of all the various locations on this trip, this battered church called Jumieges was one of my favorites. So we got up early, but it started to rain on our way there. Once we arrived, we waited for it to clear up, only it gave no sign of ever letting up. In fact, the weather took a turn for the worst: a storm complete with lightning started up and we finally had to give up on that day's filming. It may sound disastrous but in truth, I have a thing for dramatic storms and lightning so it got a part of me excited.

But as it was a highly anticipated filming location, didn't you get a little anxious for the possible footage you could have otherwise gotten?

M: Well, if it was a bit of rain, maybe we could have handled it, but it was a lot more than that so it was out of our hands. That day, we went back to Paris, and when it got dark we went out into the city to try and get some footage shot. Luckily, the rain had let up by then and at around 10pm we were on our way. The thing is though, Mother Nature just had it in for us that day, and our second disaster struck us in the form of extreme cold! It was no different from a winter night, and filming in that temperature was harsh.

Looking back, I still have a hard time believing that was a midsummers day. Where in Paris did you go?

M: The clothes that had been set out for the filming was a white, girlish EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) so I wanted a location that would bring out its innocent qualities, like filming in front of the merry-go-round for instance. This is why we first visited the carnival. But as we went without making any sort of appointment, we attracted so much attention that unfortunately filming just became impossible.  

That is intriguing. Afterwards where did you head off to?

M: We then went to Place de la Concorde. I was walking around in full makeup, looking for a beautiful setting when these two men came up to me and asked, "Aren't you Mana-sama?" I gave them my autograph and they seemed so thrilled, practically jumping up and down. In Japan, it's rare that a male fan would display such enthusiasm infront of me so that incident made my day. Apparently they had come to the Expo as well.

Fans came up to you in various other places as well. But were you able to get any footage there?

M: We did come across some excellent locations so filming was accomplished this time. It's just that on top of the bitter cold, the wind was unforgiving as well; so trying to keep my hair intact was a hard battle. For the first day, it really was an extreme outdoor filming experience.

You know the saying in Japanese; "Those who don't make a daily habit of behaving good, aren't granted good weather on the days that count..."

M: I really can't explain it. (Laughs) The letting up and starting up again of the rain was unbelievable! Come to think of it, the whole time we were filming, we may have been mocked by great Mother Nature.  

I guess even Mana-sama can't do anything to influence the weather. Well, how about the museum then, how did the shooting turn out?

M: The place was formerly home to aristocrats, so it had truly beautiful features. I tried to choose ensembles that had the same feel as the classically decorated interior. As a result, the filming was done in EGL, with the coats as the main feature. The only disappointment was that the time given for filming was limited. The museum personnel were very supportive throughout the whole process though, always making us feel at ease with their warm smiles. Even after the museum opened up and visitors poured in, we could continue filming without having to worry, all thanks to the people at the museum. We're very grateful.  

So that was the first day of Paris for you. What did you do the next day?

M: From the afternoon, we went to check out the venue at Japan Expo. It's only pretty recently that my stuff got released in Europe, and there hadn't been much in the ways of promotion either. So I really hadn't expected to be recognized, and I stepped in without giving it much thought. But the local security personnel were more than worried that I would be recognized and that there might be a panic, which would be dangerous. The situation caught me off guard because the mood was unbelievably tense.

So it seems like you're a major star overseas as well.

M: Well, there really was a fuss on security; it got me thinking that by creating such a commotion, we might attract even more attention. But when I finally entered the Expo, I was instantly recognized, and you could see the crowd around me picking up on the vibe. Needless to say, the security people grew more anxious as well. I went in my regular clothes so I was sure no one would notice but... my only regret is that I was ushered by the security personnel so that I didn't have time to get a look around.

It may have been a little noisy then, but the filming continued successfully?

M: Definitely. After the museum, we went to a cemetery, but as soon as we arrived, of course the dreaded rain started up... We would find time when the sun would show its presence for those precious few minutes, then film like crazy! It was a solemn place though, so the staff made me wear this bizarre beige jumper that I would otherwise never touch. It was supposedly to get me in unnoticed by the tourists.  

Now were you really able to fool them? (Laughs)

M: Exactly, I may have stood out more because of it. Wearing a beige jumper... I truly looked odd. It was raining at the time, so at least I was able to cover my face with an umbrella, which makes me think maybe I was helped in some ways by the rain after all.  

The cemetery there has a very different feel than of those in Japan, don't you think?

M: That's true. There were even graves resembling castles and it made me wonder if it really was a gravestone. Also, since this was also the resting place of well-known men like Baudelaire and Gainsbourg, there were many people there who had come to pay their respects. Afterwards, we moved on to the old steps of Montmartre and that's how we finished filming for that day.  

It was a gorgeous scene, full of greenery. Now, what of the dinner after the filming?

M: Well, it came to my attention that since I came to France, I hadn't had any curry, which is one of my favorite foods. So we went to an Indian curry restaurant near the hotel I was staying at. I almost forgot how amazing it tastes, and eating it brought me back to life. What was different though was that that curry had coentro on it, which is not exactly my favorite. The reason why I don't like it, believe it or not, is because the taste somehow reminds me of stinkbugs. This is a theory I have, and I've been testing it on some people. Quiet a few agree with me actually.  

I've never even seen a stinkbug, is it pretty common?

M: I think so. Except it seems they don't thrive too well in the "concrete jungle" so I've only encountered one in Tokyo. That night at the curry restaurant, there were actually a lot of coentro lovers at the table and it turned into a huge debate about whether they taste like stink bugs or not. (Laughs) I'm curious about what the Mont+amour members think. If you have any opinions, please let me know. After the delicious curries, I went not to the "Arabuya" I usually go to, but to a regular grocery store. What caught my attention was the cash register there. For every one cash register, there were two lines of customers facing one another so the customers stood very close together. This got me a little embarrassed because anyone could see what each person was purchasing.

But you were only buying things like bottled water. (Laughs)

M: I guess I'm a little too sensitive... it's just that I'm always covered head to toe in my favorite dark fashion, and people must think "So this is what he buys..." In Japan as well, when I go to convenience stores, sometimes I want to eat candy like the kind kids are always buying. It's a little embarrassing when I bring it up to the cashier. Like when the packaging is Doraemon cartoons. (Laughs)



So Mana-sama wouldn't be caught dead in casual clothes even if it was just to nip out to a local convenience store?

M: To me, whether I'm on the stage or living my daily life, it's no different. This is why it's unthinkable for me to just change into any casual attire the minute I get off the stage. There's a strong desire in me to be elegantly gothic always, so that style won't change no matter what I'm doing.

Fantastic, so that's what makes Mana-sama.
Getting back to the filming, where did you go for the last day?

M: For the last day, we ended up going back to Jumieges, the location where we had missed out on filming the first day. We left early in the morning for it, but little surprise, it started to rain once we got there. So we started filming indoors first, in an ancient church next to Jumieges. When we finished filming, there was a moment of sunshine, so I changed costumes without losing another second and headed for the ruins. We couldn't go in too far because it was a ruin after all, and we were told to watch out for falling rocks. Even so, it meant more than anything that we could film in that beautiful environment. The ruin reminded me of the Shadows Temple sanctuary.

This was the place Mana-sama had envisioned for the filming all along, right?

M: Precisely, there aren't many ruins left in the first place, and I had set my mind on filming here. If worst came to worst, I would have filmed in the rain even.

The filming lasted the whole day. When it stretches on for that long, doesn't it get difficult to keep your spirits up?

M: No, that's never a problem. When I put on my makeup and I've got my costume on, I'm often on a natural high.

You wear both EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat) clothing, but is there a defining difference in mentality when wearing each one?

M: EGA is an extension of who I am always, but when I'm wearing EGL, I become empowered by my feminine side. From the top of my head down to the tip of my toes, a feminine consciousness takes over me so that the way I stand, the way my legs are positioned, and everything becomes influenced. I've never had to study or practice these things; rather it is acquired naturally.

Is that the same with makeup as well?

M: When it comes to makeup, it's entirely based on my inspiration of that moment. So of course, it's done without any prior planning, and there are no second chances to it. I always put my makeup on with a very clear image of how I want to look when I'm through, so it's rare that I ever mess up. When I'm wearing EGL clothing as well, I have in my mind a definite image of my ideal female, which is why my body moves naturally and accordingly.

I can see the transformation that comes over you.
So you went back to the city after you had finished your hard-won Jumieges filming, shot wearing both EGL and EGA gear.

M: Oh yeah that reminds me, on my way back from Jumieges, we stopped over at a gas station. When I tried to use the bathroom there, I got in trouble with the cleaning lady who said to me "This is men's room!" This actually happens to me a lot in Japan because my hair is so long, but in France they have unisex bathrooms. Even in places like hotels and large department stores where they've obviously got enough space for two bathrooms, they still have unisex bathrooms. So there would be a lady putting her makeup on, next to a man washing his hands. For me this type of bathroom is much more agreeable because I get less attention this way. (Laughs) Most of the time, when I'm in the men's bathrooms, I get weird stares, and that can get uncomfortable.

So being mistaken for a female bothers you?

M: It's not my life's ambition to be seen as a woman. It's more a matter of having long hair in this case. If you took more than a passing glance, I'm sure it's obvious I'm not a female. That said though, I do get mistaken a lot on first appearance, which is why I think the French style bathrooms are more suited to me.  

That's interesting, but exactly why do you think they're unisex in the first place?

M: It is puzzling. I mean if you think about it, if this was a bathroom in Japan and you bumped into someone of the opposite sex that you knew well, it would be embarrassing. Which is why I think such forbidden spaces should always remain a "secret garden."  

You may be right about that. (Laughs) Where did you go after you made your way back to the city?

M: St-Eustache Church in Les Halles. This is a beautiful church of gothic architecture, and we heard that it looked amazing lit up at night. So we waited until it got dark to start the shooting, and here again someone came up to me and asked, "Aren't you Mana sama?" This time it was a couple and the girl was the one that recognized me. She looked so thrilled when she saw me that it in turn, made me happy as well. The shooting location wasn't really the kind of place that would attract either young or "rock lovers" so I was pleasantly taken back by the encounter.

It must have been a satisfying feeling to actually experience first hand, your growing recognition abroad.
So the night got darker, and where did you film your final cut?

M: It was done on a bridge near the Eiffel tower. It's apparently a popular filming spot where films have been shot. The mood at night is thick and heavy and it reminded me of Jack the Ripper. I even put on a cloak. When I saw the finished product, I saw that the pictures captures that feeling of Jack the Ripper appearing out of no where, seen standing under a fickle street lamp, so I was satisfied.

You mean, the location of the filming was impromptu?

M: Yeah it was. Cameraman T kept on bring it up, so we finally went for the last shot. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be amazing. Most of the shots done in Paris weren't locations that were decided in advance. We decided as we went, asking the local staff members for their opinions.

Really. Did you get rained on at the end?

M: No, there was no rain, but it was freezing cold. After all, I put on a jacket, a coat, then a cape over me, and I was still cold. I started to wonder if it was a mid-winter filming; that's how cold the French nights were. It was July and yet I saw girls wearing long boots and coats. Throughout the entire filming, we were met with rain and cold that made it impossible to carry out our plans as scheduled. In fact though, possibly due to such obstacles, there was a major sense of accomplishment at the end. Now that I think about, it may even have given me a better set of memories.

I really look forward to seeing those pictures that you went through such an ordeal to produce.

M: The shooting was mainly for the Fall/Winter collection of Moi-meme-Moitie, so I believe we will be able to release it soon, in the form of a pamphlet. It is in production right now.


We definitely look forward to it. When the shooting was finished, I bet you were finally able to sit back and relax.

M: Actually, in order to relax, I brought candles from Japan as part of my bath goods. The bath is also where I meditate so it's no good to me if it's very bright. The lighting of the bath at my house is custom-made for this purpose, but the hotel baths are always so lit up. So I had intended to turn the lights off at the hotel bath, and use candles instead. As it turns out though, I had forgotten to bring a lighter with me, so I went to a French gift shop where I brought a lighter in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. (Laughs)

Mana-sama's choice of French souvenirs was very typical items! They were like "the" French souvenir. (Laughs)

M: Well they would be more like "le" souvenir in France. (Laughs) I came to France, so I might as well choose symbolic items. Other than that, I bought a figure of the Notre Dame. I also bought some gargoyle pens; the design was great but they didn't have caps on them, so on the way back all the ink spilled out. (Laughs)  

It's the second episode to your horrible orange juice spill we talked about in the last issue!
Did you bring anything other than candles as part of your bath goods?

M: I had this flower shaped object that you were supposed to light up and let float in your bathtub. I had never used it in Japan, and I was looking forward to trying it out in France but when I got there, I saw that the batteries weren't included. The batteries were the kind that was hard to find in France, so I never got to use it. The bath is one of the best places for me to meditate so it's a special place for me.

Then after you got your rest, what did you do the next day?

M: We couldn't get tickets at the Opera Garnier due to our schedule, but I wanted to experience it, so we went to roam about. The decorations were brilliant, and I was completely overtaken. After that, the local cameraman K gave us a grand tour. I saw the city hall that became famous for the photo "Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville" ("Kiss by the Hotel de Ville" by Robert Doisneau). It wasn't the sort of city hall you would ever see in Japan. The building was beautifully lit up, and I just admire its attention to aesthetics. So we went by l'Hotel de Ville, and went to our guide's favorite bar nearby. The pickles were delicious and the wine never stopped pouring. I walked back a little tipsy that night. Looking back, I'm reminded of just how much I made my way around on foot in Paris. I wanted to walk as much as possible because it seems to be the best way to take in all the scenery that Paris had to offer. This included all the odd, out of the way places you wouldn't find in guide books.

But did you go to the so-called typical "tourist spots"?

M: I wanted to visit Les Catacombes de Paris, a mass grave full of skeletons, located underneath the city. You know, to get some taste of the dark world. Unfortunately it was closed for the day. So feeling somewhat desperate, I went to Marches aux Puces (the flea market) but that was also closed for the day. Geography wise, the two places are far apart, located on the north and south side. I ran across the city for no reason as it turns out, so "This grudge shall not go unavenged" (Mana-sama says this imitating a famous line from a classic, Japanese horror comic, "Urami Matarou.") For once, I regretted being so spontaneous.

That must of have been exhausting. (Trying to hold back laughs.)
So did you get your "revenge" the next day?

M: The first thing next morning, I re-visited the Catacombes, rubbing sleep out of my eyes. It was a lot larger than I had expected. From the entrance to the exit, I must of walked a distance worth two stations on the train. It was a dynamic underground labyrinth, and I wouldn't be surprised if there had been lost tourists that turned into skeletons there, unable to find the exit. It was a dark, freaky place so I was very richly entertained. If I had gone when there were no other tourists, I think it would have been most frightening.

They were real bones, right?

M: Yes, real bones packed on top of another. You can imagine, the place had its own peculiar atmosphere. Other than that, I also revisited the Notre Dame. It was too crowded so I gave up on climbing it, and walked around the area. That day there were jet planes flying above the Notre Dame in preparation for the Paris Festival on the 14th. When I saw it, I knew I had to see this major event. I happen to be a bit of a military freak; I love fighter planes and tanks. I use to build miniature model tanks, so the thought of being able to see the real thing intrigued me.

Did you notice any change in the city with the anticipation of the Paris Festival?

M: Kids playing with firecrackers near the hotel woke me up early in the morning. I got angry enough that I quickly left for the park to get away, but soon they came to the park anyways, along with their firecrackers of course. I kept quiet but once again, I feel like saying "This grudge shall not go unavenged (Part II)." Apparently though firecrackers are allowed in the streets during the Paris Festivals and the night before. So I figured, if that's the case, they should go on being the small Parisian boys they are, uninterrupted. So anyways, later that day I tried to find a good spot where I could get a full view of the Caterpillar Tanks. Unfortunately it was such a spectacular event that the place was packed full in advance...
That's when I bumped into cameraman K in the midst of this crowd. The chances of seeing each other must have been so slim, I thought there must be some kind of fate involved.

It did seem unreal that the two of you should meet in such a jam-packed place!

M: If I had even been walking on the other side of the Champs-Elyse'e, we wouldn't have met. What happened next is that he had a friend at a television network station, and he led me to the building the offices were located in. On the roof they had special seats for the event, where I was seated. It was a VIP treatment complete with food and drinks. The time was spent very elegantly, with a flute of champagne in one hand.  

The chance meeting turned out to be a very lucky one.
So you go to view the Paris Festival from one of the best seats.

M: Yes, due to the fact that it was a television network, there were well-informed journalists and cameramen who never failed to impress me with their knowledge. They were kind enough to explain various aspects of the military parade, taking place below. It was interesting to see the event being filmed live as well. The whole day was unlike anything I had experienced. From the roof, I could see snipers on the many buildings and it was just like a movie, only they looked a little bored. Of course better be bored than busy in their case. (Laughs) Flying constantly above us were the jet planes, and for plane lovers like myself (only watching from the ground though, not actually flying!) that was breathtaking. The only unfortunate thing was that the Caterpillar Tanks I had looked forward to more than anything, never made it to the show. It was disappointing enough that it makes me want to express..."This grudge shall not go unavenged (Part III)."

It was that bad...what was the reason they couldn't make it?

M: A speech by President Jacques Chirac was to be made at noon, and they supposedly had to finish the parade before that. This is all just rumors that I heard but the parade started a little late, and so they omitted the awaiting tanks in order to wrap up the show. I'm looking forward to next year already.

Yes, you have to go back next year again. Overall, how was the turnout of the people?

M: As for the gathering, I think it closely resembles the fireworks festivals in Japan. Huge in number and as soon as it's over, everyone start to move at once so it gets crazy. Oh yeah, the main attraction of the parade was the fire fighters. What left a strong impression was that they received one of the loudest cheers from the crowd. Apparently fire fighters are ranked top in France when it comes to the most popular job professions among French children.

This was the last day of France for me, so I had dinner with all the people who had come to help me during my stay. As the last attraction, I was anticipating the fire works display, but I got caught up on the conversation at dinner. Before I knew it, it was already the kick-off time of the fire works. (Laughs) So we rushed on to a taxi but the traffic control was strict due to the heavy traffic and we had to get off even before we got anywhere close to the center of the city. We walked towards the fireworks, which we could see from in between the buildings when they went up. Actually this turned out to be a lot farther than we expected and we walked endlessly. When we finally did arrive, unbelievably it had just ended.
That is sad...

M: That is the unfortunate truth.
Well, this trip was a bit rushed, but I got to take part in so many events and that was fantastic.

Your stay was quite long and looking back, can you tell us your overall impression?

M: First, the huge welcome I received at the Expo really touched me, and the filming that took place, even with all the obstacles we were still able to produce excellent pictures so I am very pleased. Finally, I was lucky enough to experience the annual Paris Festival from one of the best seats. I truly enjoyed this most fulfilling two weeks. Lots of things took place but looking back, it really went by fast. There are so much stimulating things and discoveries when you go to a foreign land that I truly gained a lot from the experience. This time it was France only, but I wouldn't mind doing a round trip of the world next time.

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 므아띠에 히로시마 매장 새로 오픈 1

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 므아띠에 나고야매장 폐점소식 2

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 아래의 CD japan 인터뷰 [한글번역]입니다 4

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 MANA상의 인터뷰~!!-(NEOWING site) 10

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 모모의 새앨범이 오늘 도착했네요~+_+ 5

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 모모의 유럽투어 DVD 가 도착했습니다 8

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 읽어보면 아는것~~최신판입니다 5

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 모모의 유럽투어일정(독일/프랑스)입니다 1

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 읽어보면 아는것~~바로저번달거 가장 최근 업데이트~!!!!!!! 10

2004/12/14    518  
 읽어보면 아는것~~새로운 업데이트입니다~+_+ 4

2004/12/10    473  
 보면 뭔지 알수있을것임...... 346

2004/09/17    1386  
 역시나 보면 뭔지 아는것 14

2004/11/14    880  
 인터넷의 경이로움.. 벌써 모모2집이 뜰줄이야 ; 10

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